Do programmers die at the age of 40?

Developer At Age Of 40

Many programmers find that their employability starts to decline at the age of 35. Employers discharge them either because they are not keeping up with the latest technology, or because they are overqualified.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, highlighted how young programmers are superior. An article that was published on TechCrunch technology website stated that companies prefer to hire younger programmers because they understand new technologies better than the older ones.

According to the founder of Simple Programmer and the life coach for software developers, John Sonmez, who is already above 35 years old, statistics show that most software developers are out of the field between the age of 35 and 40. But is it just a matter of age?

What kills the programmer after 35?

Even if statistics proved that programming has an age limit, we still can’t draw such a conclusion without looking at other reasons.

What puts an age limit in the programming field is not the age itself, it is the ability adapt and stay tuned to the latest technologies. If a programmer is not willing to keep an eye on the newest programming languages and latest updates, his career will end at a certain age, maybe before he even reaches 40.

Is programming a dead-end job?

Programming is the most extreme among those professions when it comes to having to keep up with new technologies and frameworks and grow in the field. Programmers shouldn’t think of their career in such a way. They must overcome this idea by staying learning all the new technologies and programming languages.

By the time a programmer reaches 40, they must be afraid. They must become a better programmer than those who recently graduated because in addition to their skills and knowledge about the latest technologies they will also have the experience that will help them in leading huge projects.

Are there any survivors in this field?

Rob Fletcher, a senior software engineer at Netflix, joined Netflix at 42. Now, he’s 45 years old.
“I write code every day. My current favorite language is Kotlin. I’d like to learn more Go. I regularly use Java, Scala, and Groovy. I learn new things all the time,” he said.

His love for Kotlin tells us why he got a chance in the field after 40 because he is eager to learn all the new.

Another great example is Ebbe Kristensen, a 62 years old senior software designer at Prevan IT solutions company. He applied for his current job and got it when he was 58.

Any job can be classified as a dead-end job if you don’t keep on learning new skills and practice. If you want to grow and last longer in your field of interest, all you have to do is to learn how to adapt and stay abreast of the latest technologies while increasing your knowledge.

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