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Having a delightful developer experience is as essential as the user experience itself when developing a mobile app. Having a programming language that allows you to edit codes easily and solve problems assures that your users will continue indulging in that great experience. Now programming developers are confident Kotlin’s the next big thing in the Android programming world, even though it was developed by a third party company (JetBrains) rather than Google themselves.

A lot of the Android supporters took their sheer enthusiasm into social media soon as Google announced Kotlin as the official first language for Android. Lots of them reacted to the news by saying things like “I’m almost crying right now” on Twitter.

You have safety, interoperability and code clarity, but how good is Kotlin? And how it enhances the developer’s experience?

Say bye bye to null pointer

With Kotlin, there will be no more null pointer exceptions. This awesome language will help developers avoid this unsolved issue they face while using other languages such Java, because it’s type system doesn’t compile code that assigns to return null.

It helps developers to avoid errors. The compiler is specifically designed to auto-cast mistakes; in case you have checked a type as a right. Kotlin is an efficient language for developers with rich features that include built-in null checking, highly compatible with Java code, extension methods to add new functionalities to existing classes and much more.

Code less & develop faster

Kotlin will allow developers to speed up their programming process. The coding process is 20% less compared to Java. A 50 lines code written in Java can be done with 2/3 lines in Kotlin. Such a feature will help in increasing the developer’s productivity levels and decrease the time and effort used to create the awesome apps they supply Android users with.

Learn it in few hours

Any app developer can learn to code with Kotlin in few hours, especially the ones who are used to code with Java and Scala, because Kotlin looks a lot like Scala, but it’s simpler than other programming languages. It has a clean and intuitive syntax that makes it easier to learn, and it eases debugging when writing codes.

Build a bridge of compatibility

This new language offers greater compatibility with Java. This feature offers a great advantage for the developers. They can code a single project using both Java and Kotlin languages, in addition to the ability to use Kotlin’s features without having to edit any existing code in their current project or have to start a new project.

Use It for free

Programmers can explore their development skills using this delightful programming language without having to pay for that since it is available for free.

Start with Kotlin to have the amusing developer experience

Kotlin was not announced as a first class programming language by Google for no reason. The features this excellent language has helped the developers to overcome the issues they used to face with other app development languages. Being able to create apps using a simpler, faster, and easier language will give the developer an enjoyable experience that will help him to focus more on giving the user the delightful user experience he deserves.

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