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Why designers are making the switch to Sketch


Adobe Photoshop, the go-to-tool for image editing and web design, has dominated the design world for decades. Although a number of more cost effective alternatives have surfaced in recent years, it appears that one tool in particular – Sketch – has struck a chord with many emerging designers, as well as some of the world’s leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Paypal that now use the solution.

7 tried and tested UX research techniques you should know


Ever wonder what your customer really wants or desires? What is it that they look for in a product or service? Ever thought why thousands of products enter the market every year but fail miserably? It all boils down to design. Unfortunately, many companies ignore the need for proactive user-research, commonly known as “design research”, and end up with a ready-to-fail product.

Boosting your SEO with Google tag manager


In today’s digital and connected business world, there is no shortage of online tools that marketers use to track SEO performance, website traffic, and user behaviors. Most companies use a variety of tags such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Double Click Floodlight, to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

Kotlin… Providing a better developer experience


Having a delightful developer experience is as essential as the user experience itself when developing a mobile app. Having a programming language that allows you to edit codes easily and solve problems assures that your users will continue indulging in that great experience.

How cross-platform development can be your ideal business choice


With studies projecting mobile app revenues to reach approximately $188.9 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2020, and the mobile app economy, including mobile commerce, already estimated to be in the trillions (yes, that is a ‘T’), it is clear that now more than ever, businesses need to be thinking about how to monetize their business with mobile apps.

How to beat the 80% chance of your next SME loan getting rejected


Starting a new business in UAE can be costly, so often a bank loan is the only way for your business to survive the critical introduction stage with its high costs and no profits. But instead of receiving the loan, you receive a rejection letter.

Markup your SEO with Schema Markup

Schema Markup best SEO techniques

Schema markup is one of the best SEO techniques available today. This smart tool works on providing users with more specified search results that can boost the ranking of your website on search engines results pages (SERP) to help you achieve the ground-breaking online presence your business needs.

Why CodeIgniter is the first choice for most developers


In the world of web development, CodeIgniter has emerged as the most popular open source PHP development framework used by developers across the globe. According to BuiltWith the top 1 million business, shopping, technology and news websites use CodeIgniter for developing their websites.

Above the fold: is it relevant to web design anymore


One of the most common myths that surround the perfect user experience of websites is that users are not willing to scroll. A lot of web designers try to crowd all details “above the fold” to avoid higher bounce rates, thinking that if the users didn’t find what they’re looking for the upper segment of the website, they are more likely to leave without bothering themselves to scroll down.

Flat web design: a sweeping web design trend


Web design was getting pretty crazy for a while. Web designers used to brag about their skills by adding stylistic elements such as shadows and gradients, flashy illustrations and animations to impress visitors.

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