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User experience: you don’t design it, you design for It

digital user experience

The user experience (UX) term has become a fad many people use incorrectly today. Designers are having unrealistic expectations about how the UX design process and it’s outcomes, forgetting that it doesn’t only rely on the design, but other aspects also.

Smarketing: wrapping up the battle of sales & marketing


Marketing and sales are the core stone of any business. Most of the time, they work closely with each other to accomplish revenue growth, and in most companies those two teams have a daily endless war.

Identify your “all-star” clients with customer lifetime value


Your customers are your primary source of profit. They can make or break your business. Putting extra efforts towards the customers who are not your target audience might affect your profitability. To identify your all-star customers, who will bring you the highest return on investment, and how to maintain them, you must start calculating your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Anticipatory design… Making the decision on your behalf

Anticipatory design

Sometimes having too many choices will not make our lives easier. The variety of selections will confuse you more because you already have enough options to decide on throughout your day. The same predicament can happen when you browse a website or an app. Having too many choices can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But that’s where anticipatory design comes in. It provides us choices that should help ease our lives a little.

Your web page weight shouldn’t let your user wait


We’re living in a fast-paced world where everything is so fast. When it comes to surfing websites, a web page size is an essential attribute for the success of your website. The more you minimize the size of a web page file, the quicker the page will load, and the longer your visitor will stay.

Do programmers die at the age of 40?

Developer At Age Of 40

Many programmers find that their employability starts to decline at the age of 35. Employers discharge them either because they are not keeping up with the latest technology, or because they are overqualified.

Why your business needs a brand style guide

Branding Style Guide

First impressions help in shaping the way new people perceive you before they start knowing more about you. An inaccurate first impression is hard to change. Your visual brand identity should have a huge impression that will denote what your business is about. It can either draw people in or turn them away.

Why your mobile app must be “thumb-friendly”

Thumb Friendly

Have you ever browsed a website on your mobile phone and the buttons were smaller than your thumb, so you had to zoom to click the button? Maybe used an app that had unconventional button placement, either because the buttons are not designed for your finger size or because the location is placed in an inaccessible area.

Why you shouldn’t interrupt a web developer


Web developers are unique individuals. Their lives function in a certain way that differs from other people. For example, we all get interrupted at work, and we all need a certain time to regain focus when we go off track. It is not the case when it comes to web developers because they will require more time to reorder their thoughts for when start writing codes.

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