Why you shouldn’t interrupt a web developer

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A Web developer is a unique individual. his life function in a certain way that differs from other people. For example, we all get interrupted at work, and we all need a certain time to regain focus when we go off track. It is not the case when it comes to web developers because they will require more time to reorder their thoughts for when start writing codes.

Some developers rely on the “mental model” for when they code – in which the process of reflection coincides with how they arrange their work priority structure on what they need to do first in their mind. All of the work is saved in the frontal cortex for long-term storage when fetching information is necessary. If you interrupt them, chances are, that chain of thought will pretty much be lost.

Imagine having a phone call, or a small talk that a colleague started every two hours! It’s grueling.

What happens when you interrupt a developer?

Jaxenter programming news website stated that a study suggested that a person will need 15 – 23 minutes to regain focus after they get interrupted. This is not the case when it comes to a web developer because he will need 15 – 23 minutes to regain focus, in addition to extra 10 minutes to start editing a code again.

If at least four interruptions happened every day, this would waste a minimum of 2 hours of your developer’s time, not to talk about the pressure that interruption might create when they occur.

Planned interruptions are the real evil

Unplanned interruptions such as receiving a phone call or answering one of your colleagues’ questions are not as evil as a planned one, which we call “meetings”. According to Paul Graham the British computer programmer and venture capitalist, a planned interruption like meetings, can ruin a working day by dividing it into two parts where it was difficult to accomplish a task. The idea of having a scheduled meeting will let the developer rush into finishing his tasks before the deadline and sometimes that might not be possible and ultimately deviate from the project’s original time frame.

Controlling interruption the most right way possible

Interruptions are the worst enemy of a website developer, if you control them by knowing how to help a developer deal with them, you will be able to avoid paying the costs when it comes to your business.

When it comes to small interruptions, you should start controlling the interruptions you create yourself, such as having your mobile device near you and getting distracted by every single notification that appears on the screen. If you’re using the computer to finish a task, also try to close all the tabs that are not related to your original work. You can turn off the email notification on your device’s screen and specify a particular time later to check your email as it will be more suitable for productivity.

Headphones are developer’s best friend. You can use it as a way to give people a sign about your working process. So if you are putting a pair of headphones that should help solve the problem. If you tend to have it cover one ear, they will be more inclined to come and talk to you, regarding anything. Another solution is to directly deal with the interrupter and politely explain to tell them about how a one minute of interruption may lead to wasting around 15 minutes of your time.

When it comes to planned interruptions, it is not easy to keep everyone happy when arranging meetings, but the best tip in this case is to schedule time around the meetings in a way that will help you to be able to have a normal productive day.

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