Smarketing: wrapping up the battle of sales & marketing


Marketing and sales are the core stone of any business. Most of the time, they work closely with each other to accomplish revenue growth, and in most companies those two teams have a daily endless war.

According to Hubspot Academy, 87% of the words that marketing and sales teams use to describe each other are negative. Sales team criticizes the marketing team because they think that they do not generate enough quality leads and they see them as people who master arts and crafts, pure academics and irrelevant. In the other hand, marketers complain that the sales team is not doing a good job in working their leads and they think of their sales colleagues as simple-minded, incompetent and lazy individuals.

This war might result in having a dramatically negative effect on your revenues.

What does Smarketing do?

Smarketing aims for aligning the goals of your sales and marketing team through the implementation of a collaborative strategy to strengthen communication between them to have a solid partnership that will let you achieve more scalable goals to increase your revenues and promote harmony between the two battling teams.

Why your business needs it

The TAS Group stated the companies which followed a smarketing plan generated 208% more revenue from marketing, improved retention rates by 37% and had 36% increase in sales win rates. Those companies also witnessed 10% more sales people on-quota in comparison with other companies, and became 67% better in closing deals.

Isn’t that encouraging enough to let you start smarketing it?

Introducing Smarketing in your business

Since this war occurs due to the way those teams view each other’s efforts, especially when it comes to lead generation quality, you should encourage both team members to work closely on daily basis. Letting marketers attend sales calls and meetings and help in closing deals when necessary, is a great example for that. This will lead to help both teams better understand the value of each lead generated by marketing efforts.

To create a better communication path try arranging weekly meetings where all marketing and sales teams’ members attend to review each other’s weekly deliverables and provide mutual overview on what they are up to help both teams stay tuned on what is coming next.

Don’t forget to let them celebrate their efforts and achievements as one group during these meetings to promote the sense of harmony and unity.

Let your sales and marketing team leaders have a monthly meeting where they sit together to analyze and discus their work results in depth and discus future plans. Let your sales executives give a monthly feedback on the quality of the leads that your marketers generate to enhance the quality of lead generation and improve your marketers understanding of the types of leads that they are more likely to close.

Remember to always remind your sales and marketing teams that they should be fighting the same battle rather than fighting each other. Smarket it now and let the two core stones of your revenue growth sync up today.

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