Four Tips to Maximize Conversion Rates on Your Website

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Many businesses neglect their websites thinking that it only exists for the purpose of marketing their products to prospects. But those who know better know that maximizing the website through design and optimization can rake in conversions more than anything else. Landing pages are essential to websites because testing constantly and designing it according to the behavior of visitors can make them convert according to your liking. The difference of 5% increase in conversion rates can mean thousands dollars and this is why you should never neglect it. This means continuously monitoring the behavior of visitors and re-designing landing pages regularly if you have to.

Here are some tips that can help maximize conversion rates:

  1. Give your landing page a personality. Just because you have to design the page according to how you want your visitor to behave does not mean you should neglect the appearance of it. Make it pleasing for the eyes and give it a personality.
  2. Use easy-to-read fonts and background. Latest trends in web design these days make text from websites easier and friendlier to the eyes. This means no glaring background that will make your content difficult to read by viewers, thus the low rates in conversion.
  3. Include images of people. Prospects like it when businesses humanize their products. It makes them establish a personal connection to it rather than listen to pitches from a business name with no face.
  4.  Present special offers and other freebies. These offers will catch your prospects attention and will entice them to sign up. Offer some discounts, freebies or gifts and you will have increase in conversion in no time.

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