SME Business Consultant

Full Time

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SME Business Consultant Job Purpose:
Develop and Optimize business strategy for Clients

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop or Optimize business strategy and road-map for the clients and ensure that the strategy is aligned with opportunities, goals and expectations.
  • Develop or Optimize business plans for the Clients
  • Develop realistic financial projections that meet the Investor’s requirements to obtain funding.
  • Develop corporate, marketing and internet strategies that will give clarity in business decisions.
  • Help Clients to improve the way they work, find new customers, increase sales.
  • Help Clients reduce costs and improve margins and manage resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand the Client’s Business, their problems, Opportunities and perform Analysis and recommend the right solutions.
  • Helping Clients transform their businesses.

Skills and Qualifications: 
At least 5-10 years of  relevant experience in a consulting firm. Excellent facilitation, writing, computer and analysis skills. Passionate and possess Leadership Expertise. Excellent Communications & Presentation Skills. Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Master’s in Business Administration is highly desirable.

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