Development in Abu Dhabi


Web development

We are not tied to one framework or one language, we have a focused, driven, detail oriented team that creates fully responsive websites with usability features, clear navigation, delightful user experience, social media integration and many other features.

Content Management Systems

We create content management systems with great publishing tools that allows you to drag and drop, copy, cut and paste, create reusable content, with version control, social media integration, and analytics regarding views, and shares.


We offer creative and fast e-commerce solutions that will give your user a delightful shopping experience with easy navigation, product selection, product pages, shopping carts, and high security levels.

Mobile Applications

We develop innovative iOS and android mobile applications that is intuitive, scalable, fast, with usability features, privacy settings top notch user experience, social media login, and many other features.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

We manage to create customer relationship management systems that is characterized by simplicity and ease of integration, flexibility and customization, with remote and mobile access, strong multichannel support, integrated analytics, and list and master data management.

Creative in Abu Dhabi


Visual Branding

Our creative team uses a strategic approach to create professional logo designs that reflects your brand identity, values, and uniqueness, to help create a personality for your business and elevate your brand’s presence.

Web design

Our team of creative designers will provide you with a responsive modern design using a unique and Large typography, large and responsive hero images, background videos, semi-flat design, hamburger menus, easy navigation, grid based layouts, with a less loading time, that will provide your users with an amusing user experience.

Mobile app design

We design a goal-driven and user friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android, that assures usability, affordance and signifiers, with single-task feature, such as home screens, buttons, search bars, and predefined options that will keep your user focused on what they need to accomplish, with an easy navigation, and a great user experience.

User Experience

Our creative team works to provide your user with an amusing user experience, by understanding how they interact with your website, including user flow mapping, using rooted in solid design concepts, and visually appealing call to action pages, with cross browse functionality, taking into consideration the white and negative space, for an outstanding user experience.

Video production and animation

We do high-quality and outside of the box videos and animation to enrich your website visual elements.

Insights & Strategy

Digital Audit

Our digital audit tool is designed to increase your standards compliance in a variety of areas. It enables the easy collection and validation of data for audits. It also features extensive reporting functionality and metrics that can be exported with the push of a button.

Digital Strategy

We apply our cutting-edge digital technologies to your existing business activity and focus on the enablement of new digital capabilities to enhance your digital strategy.


Using our expertise, we will advise you on how best to use information technology to achieve your desired success.

Human Resources Services in Abu Dhabi

HR Services

Netaq Minds

With our outsourcing services we will supply you with our dedicated and intelligent professional team members who help you in managing your projects to achieve your business goals successfully and reduce costs.


Our recruitment services will help you find your dream job, and help employers to find professionals that satisfy their business needs.

Training Services

We provide superior and accredited trainings that will enrich your employees professional background and boost their career to help your business to glow.

Insights & Strategy in Abu Dhabi



We understand your business and how it works in order to implement odoo’s system in a way that will satisfy your business needs.

Integration of Applications

If you are using any apps, websites, devices or machines to get your job done, we can integrate it with your ERP system to help you keep an eye on every task done to achieve your business goals.


The system includes a user track that will explain to the system’s users how to use it, and an implementation track which includes explaining to the users how to implement the system in a way that will suit their business model.

Offshore Development

If you are already using odoo in your business we can customize models and develop tasks that will fit your business needs.

Support Versions Upgrade

We help you upgrade your odoo’s version to the latest one.

Data Migration

If you have a lot of files that contains data regarding your work our odoo specialists will help you migrate the data into your odoo’s system.

One Need, One Module. Expand as you grow.

Website Modules: Website Builder, eCommerce, Blogs, Forum and Slides
Sales Modules: CRM, Point of Sale, Sales and Subscriptions,
Finance Modules: Accounting, Invoicing and Expenses
Operations Modules: Inventory, Timesheets, Project, Purchase, Helpdes
Manufacturing Modules: MRP, PLM, Equipment and Quality
Human Resources Modules: Recruitment, Employees, Fleet, Leaves and Appraisal
Communications Modules: Discuss and eSignature
Marketing Modules: Email Marketing, Events, Live chat and Survey

Marketing in Abu Dhabi


Pay Per Click

Our professional marketing team will provide you with a successful pay per click campaigns, by keeping an eye on the anatomy, and visual formatting of your campaign Ad, ensuring your campaign structure is set up in an optimized fashion, and making it concise and to the point.

Search engine optimization

With our search optimization services, engines using original, engaging stories, great content, keywords and audience research, great headlines, and use inbound links and wide range of techniques to assure your website gets ranked in the first search engines page.

Social media management

Success on social media is not limited to the number of followers, likes, shares, and views of your content, with our social media services we will make sure you have social media platforms that will not only enhance your online presence, but also bring you great sales results.


We offer automation software services that will help you automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions, making these tasks easier.


Content is the core key of your business success, and our creative team of content writers will assure to create content made to address the problems and needs of your target audience, and draws the attention of your leads to turn them into customers.